About us

The Antonio Gramsci House Museum of Ghilarza Foundation ONLUS is a not-for-profit organisation located at Corso Umberto I no. 57 in Ghilarza and was founded on 14 December 2016. All positions are unpaid.

Founding partners
The founding partners are: the Enrico Berlinguer Foundation ONLUS of Cagliari; the Gramsci Paulesu family, that is, the direct descendants of Antonio Gramsci and Teresina Gramsci Paulesu; the Gramsci Foundation ONLUS of Rome; and the City of Ghilarza.

The goal of the Foundation is to promote and improve the Antonio Gramsci House Museum. To this end:
– it takes care of the development of the Museum and the increase in collections; it strives for its inclusion in the Regional Register of Cultural Heritage of Sardinia;
– it promotes initiatives to popularise and show appreciation for Antonio Gramsci the man and his thought, using and distributing the results of national and international studies     from all social and cultural fields;
– it encourages meetings among anyone in the world who might make contributions to or research Antonio Gramsci’s thought and work;
– it presents training activities, courses, seminars and conferences relevant to Antonio Gramsci’s life, thought and work methods and his impact on the contemporary social and cultural landscape, both directly and in collaboration with the school and university system and public or private agencies, institutions and organisations;
– it can publicise, using publications or other communications channels, initiatives related to the Foundation’s goals;
– it promotes fund-raising and requests for public and private donations to devote to the Foundation’s goals;
– it works on cultural exchanges with other institutions that have similar goals.